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Take a deep breath, don’t worry! I can help you find your digital currency and make sure you never lose them again. I have been a trusted member of the digital currency community since I wrote one of the first books on the subject called “Bitcoin the Expert Guide” in 2012.

I am dedicated to consulting people on how to keep their digital assets secure and helping people recover lost bitcoin. I charge $100 per hour for consulting and do recovery on a % bassis.

Security is pretty straight forward and in most cases I can get you secure in about an hour of consulting. Recovery is different for each case. Many times I need to hire subcontractors to assist me. But If I can’t get it back you don’t pay.

I think a big reason why we like digital currency is that it is a “trustless” technology. Not so much when it comes to recovery. You are going to have to trust me. In many cases you may have to ship your computer equipment to me or one of my trusted subcontractors. Either that or fly me to you. Which I have done for large recovery missions.

Why trust me;

I am a licesed real estate agent in the state of Idaho. Where I live with my wife and 3 kids. In order to be a licesed Realtor you must have your finger prints checked with the FBI. You must carry E&O insurance and hang your liceses with a broker. I am at Keller Williams in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Real estate License #SP26449 Office License # 41963 / 36792


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